Services #

We currently got the following services:

Services with closed registrations are request-only due to limited resources.

We also offer free subdomains for users on! Just e-mail us your A record or CNAME record along with your preffered subdomain and we will handle the rest. Please note that we don’t take any responsibility for user subdomains except limited by law.

Webhosting #

Webhosting (static content only) is available for members which means:

  • You are more than 90 days on the server
  • You either donated more than once or gained moderator/admin privileges
  • You are in the Telegram group or on IRC

What you get:

  • FTP access to your own webspace
  • Your own subdomain
  • A colored name on


  • Fair use
  • No illegal content

How to get:

E-Mail [email protected] and we’ll sort out your request.

Chat #

We’re also chatting over Telegram and (#koyu). Matrix users can use the IRC bridge to connect. Note that these channels are public and not meant for sensitive topics or support. Please use [email protected] if you have questions regarding your account or file a complaint if you received a strike using your account.

Announcements #

Announcements are made through our Telegram channel, uptime page or the announcement function inside